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Open Creative Centre

open to students between the ages of 6 to 11 years from all schools and cities 

Open Creative Centre (OCC) is a collaborative space for children between the ages of 6 and 11 years to explore and share their creative potential. The Centre provides a stimulating environment for fostering critical thinking, confidence, and creativity among children by:

Encouraging every child to explore their areas of interest: by conducting interactive interest-based sessions that focus on building constructive attitudes, skills and ideas

Providing exposure to different backgrounds: by keeping participation in the sessions open for children from all schools and cities

Improving interpersonal and intrapersonal communication: through interactive sessions that encourage children to express their thoughts and ideas through their creations

Providing an outlet for showcasing every child's creations: through partnerships with institutions working towards child development

The Center is currently conducting online activities in the following areas every evening ~

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Art & Craft

The session aims to provide a space for children to express their thoughts through sketching, painting, pottery, and paper-folding. It also introduces children to art forms from different cultures. The sessions are guided by an award-winning sculptor and educator.

Coding and Animation

The session aims to introduce learners to the basics of coding and animation. On some days, the learners go on virtual tours around the globe. The sessions are guided by an experienced animator and graphic designer.

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French Learning 

The session introduces learners to the basics of the French language. It includes an understanding of letters and simple sentence formation. The sessions are guided by an experienced French language teacher.

Story building 

An interactive session that encourages children to share ideas, adventures and hopes through stories. The sessions are led by a social researcher and writer.

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Zumba and Yoga

The session introduces learners to regimes for physical and mental fitness. They are conducted by a fitness centre based in Mumbai.

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