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Coding our own games // cluster of innovators

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

We believe in encouraging our learners to practice concepts in real-time. One way in which we do this is by connecting concepts in textbooks with things that the learners are already familiar with. For example: when we were learning about the coding software, Scratch, we asked our learners to share what they loved about their favorite video games. Some said they loved the colors of the games and others said they loved the rules of the game. Over the course of a few classes, we asked our learners to experiment with Scratch in their free time, and took out a few minutes at the end of every class to exchange ideas and questions about coding. And after about a month, some of our learners started sharing unique games with us. A few of them have even started peer discussion groups outside of the classes!


by Asmi Giri, Class 4

I have been watching the news a bit more frequently since early 2020 and around January 2021, there was finally news about the roll out of vaccines in India. So, I decided to make this game to not only share this news with more people but also celebrate the possibility of defeating the virus if we all get vaccinated. I want us all to be warriors!


by Vaani Sharma, Class 4

I love making games that are fun to play and colorful to look at. I usually get these ideas on my own and sometimes also look for ideas on YouTube. Sometimes, I also discuss ideas about coding with my friends, Asmi and Anirudh. Other things I love are singing and sketching (which you can probably guess from graphics in the games I have coded too!)

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