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LITTLE Earth // Kenzen Newsletter

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Though challenging in today’s digital world, it really is not hard to get your children to develop a taste for reading and writing. All we need to do is introduce them to books in the right way – a child centric way. Making the content come alive and making it personal will engage their interests. I found that kids are fascinated by what their parents were like as children – who were their friends, what they did for fun, even what they watched on TV or read in the library. Talk to your kids about the stories you loved at their age and why. Describe the wonder you felt when you first read a favorite book and the worlds it opened for you. Explain why a particular passage or a character still resonates with you after all these years. There is, after all, nothing like a good teaser to hook a young reader’s interest. Books that engage the imagination, transmit values and unlock the magic of reading are the best buys.

Likewise, if children can show their interest to tap their fingers on the keyboard, they can be surely taken to hold a pencil to pen their own thoughts – “Very wonderful and beautiful things do happen, don’t they? And we live most of our lives in the hope of them” – and this hope of the teachers and the parents is being unfolded by ‘Little Hands’.

‘Little Hands‘ captures the creativity of our students in its purest form through pictures, drawings and writings. The theme for the September 2019 issue is ‘Saving Earth’ which our students have contributed to by participating in public campaigns to spread awareness about the cause, converting waste to wealth, and expressing their love for mother nature through poems, stories and essays. As you go through the following pages of ‘Little Hands…Save Earth’, we hope you gain insights on a child’s perspectives. They depict the challenges our planet is facing and their strong wish to protect their home.


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