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For existing students

Click on the button below to access the registration form for existing students, that is, children who are enrolled as students at Kenzen School. 

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For external students

Click on the button below to access the registration form for external students, that is, children who are not enrolled as students at Kenzen School 


DURATION: 19 MAY 2023 - 30 MAY 2023 (Mon-Sat) | 8:00am to 10:00am

LOCATION: Kidzee Varanasi Nadesar School (S-18/38, P-5,NADESAR, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221002)

Camp Create is a summer camp that has been designed with artists and child development practitioners at Kenzen School. Every day of the camp has been designed for children to explore their creative potential through activities. 


Over the course of the camp, children will:

learn new instruments

practice different forms of dance

improve their language skills

become game masters

spend time on art and craft


Kidzee Varanasi Nadesar started with its first student in 2007 and has grown to a community of more than 3000 students,teachers and parents over the past decade. Our student-centred model and interest-based approach is based on adopting teaching that is relevant, multicultural and appealing to a variety of modalities and learning styles. We have therefore, incorporated a range of active learning experiences that demonstrate integration of concepts in every area of the curriculum.


Kidzee Varanasi Nadesar has been recognized by the Zee Learning Group through awards for “Best Interactive Illume Centre” and “Best Academics” in the North Zone.


Kenzen School has been imparting new arenas in childhood development since 2011. Our logo represents a school that is warm at heart, with an energetic environment conducive to learning and growth. We provide a stimulating environment to support children in developing attitudes, skills and ideas essential for fostering a lifetime of critical thinking, comprehension, motivation and meta cognition in them.

Ultimately, our model aims to capitalize on individual strengths and remove barriers to personal growth. We aim to cultivate in our children the love for learning, a desire to explore and a zeal to unlock their dreams. Many Kenzenites having made a debut in the primary school are now earning laurels in the middle school in the fields of art, sports or science.

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